Hello there and welcome to MiaBellaXO. This blog is our platform and hopes to inspire those who strive for tips, trends, and advice in several aspects such as travel, beauty, food, lifestyle etc. (the list goes on cause we love to write about anything and everything). Pretty much, this blog entails everything and anything, more as an outlet to show you that there are many inspirations out there to balance your work life while living a life you appreciate, enjoy and love!

Hey there, I’m Shobika (call me Shobi if you like). I love to eat, travel, cook (self-proclaimed cook but I SWEAR I try my best). Over the years, I’ve learnt to acknowledge and embrace every moment, whether the good or bad, in order to reach a happy state of mind. I’ve launched this blog with my supporting sisters, who will be the secondary contributors as well as my husband♥.

Random facts about me:

  1. I’m obsessed with cleanliness and personalizations. (For one, I have 500 planners and journals for no reason)
  2. I think and overthink about everything (never google your medical problems)
  3. Autumn-kinda girl (all about the golden leaves, combat boots with big sweaters)
  4. Some people have favourite colours but I go through weird periods of time where I obsess one more than the other. (Right now, it’s MAUVE but I’m sure that will change in no time)
  5. I have to get popcorn when I see a movie in the theatres (I get in so much trouble for not finishing it all the time)


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