Have you ever thought about getting your lashes done? Did you ever fear that it would hurt? Or that if your actual natural lashes would get damaged? Getting eyelash extensions seems to be the new trend now. You can have those fluttery voluminous lashes without wearing much makeup and I mean, which girl wouldn’t want that?

I’m not going to lie, all the questions I’ve just asked above, I’ve thought about at least several times before I had the chance to get my lashes done. However, I can tell you off the bat that I do not regret getting them done at all. My mornings are only effortless now, where I just throw on some lipstick and I’m out the door!

For those who reside in Toronto Ontario, I got my first semi-permanent eyelash extensions beautifully done by Sharmili (@sharmili on Instagram). Let me tell you, she made sure my experience was super pleasant, considering all the fear and nervousness I went in with. Not only is she an Eyelash Technician but a Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist as well (the full package safe to say, check out her Insta).

So, getting them done, my ONLY major fear was whether it was going to hurt or whether the whole procedure was going to be uncomfortable for me? The entire process did not hurt at all. The process took almost 3.5-4 hours because I wanted to have more voluminous lashes. If you are going for the super natural look, it wouldn’t take this long for you (I am clearly extra haha). Throughout the whole procedure, you will not feel anything at all. You can fully sleep through it but I was super awake at that time after my XL coffee, so I chatted with her instead.



The pros outweigh the cons for me when it comes to these semi-permanent lashes. Firstly, like I said, you save so much time on makeup. My morning routine is shorter than usual and trust me, I take forever (my husband will tell you all about it). Most importantly, because you aren’t wearing mascara now, you don’t have to go through the trouble of removing them! The major pro is the fact that you wake up with long and full lashes every morning. I absolutely love the way it looks even with hardly any makeup on. Trust me, IT GOES A LONG WAY and I still feel put together and happy when going out.


My biggest CON is the fact that I’m a horrible sleeper, meaning I’m the kind of person that will end up on the other side of the bed in the middle of the night unknowingly. When you have your lashes done, it’s not safe at all to be sleeping on your face and this is the way I’VE ALWAYS SLEPT sighs. I’m starting to get used to it but that only means I’m waking up in the middle of the night several times because I’m super paranoid. Other small cons include the fact that you can’t rub your eyes or the fact that they don’t last long and you are automatically due for a refill after 2-3 weeks. OMG, another problem I personally feel is an issue for me is the fact that liquid eyeliner has been my BFF all my life. However, you can use oil-free makeup or even just safely wing it out near the end without completing wearing it.

After getting them done, you have to make sure you use oil-free makeup remover wipes as well if you consider wearing makeup. It’s important to take good care of it, because your lashes will only last longer the better you take care of them. I’m not going to lie, I’ve always resisted myself from getting it done based on the horror stories I’ve heard out there. To be honest, you will only have your lashes “destroyed” if it was done by a poor service. Other than that, Sharmili recommended that it’s important to attend regular maintenance sessions on a 3 week basis to have the full look without throwing another full set on. Since these lashes are attached to a single eyelash, they will fall out so it is important to keep maintaining it. She also provided me with a mascara wand applicator because it is crucial that you brush your lashes at least once a day, especially in the morning when you wake up with most of your lashes clumped up.

Getting your lashes done, you can definitely say “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” (hence the post title haha). My eyelash technician, Sharmili, nailed it and I’m super glad I went with her, especially for my first experience! I absolutely loved my first experience and safe to say that I will definitely be going back for refills. Something that has been introduced in my life now, is now something I seem to feel like I cannot live without. If you are in Toronto, make sure to contact @sharmili on Instagram to get your lashes done!

Thanks so much for reading! XOXOmiabellaxo


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