It’s literally been raining buckets here in Toronto for the last week, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been pretty productive at home. I’ve done a lot of spring cleaning, and so I’m kind of thankful for all this rain 😉 I’ve spring-cleaned my closet (donating almost 50% of my wardrobe because I’ve probably worn these clothes once in the last year or so) and my makeup drawers as well. I mean what better time to spring clean than a rainy week when you can’t do anything outside anyways. I don’t know what it is, but lately, I’ve been feeling like such a minimalist. I can’t stand too much furniture or things that take up unnecessary space in our room now. Trust me, this is something different cause I’m a huge hoarder ( I keep everything and anything I kid you not haha).

So to be honest, I do not know when was the last time I cleaned my makeup drawer. Things were starting to dust in the drawer, and there were so much makeup that I’ve barely used for the last year or so. After moving out, I pretty much only took my essentials in a small makeup pouch with me and left everything else in the makeup drawer at my parents home. While cleaning this out, I decided hey, why not share a quick guide as to how to spring-clean your makeup drawer.


You need to be washing your brushes every week if you wear makeup daily. Use a daily brush shampoo to clean your brushes regularly. It is highly important because this could avoid build-up that can be transferred to your skin. What I tend to do is fill a glass with warm water and add a tablespoon of mild baby shampoo or a high quality, clarifying shampoo. To be specific, I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Never vigorously rub your brushes or you’ll damage the hairs. Once you wash it, it is time to lay your brushes flat to dry. Put a towel on the counter and arrange your brushes with the bristles hanging over the edge so they air dry faster.


Makeup can hang on to so much bacteria and it’s important to know when your products expire. Expired makeup can cause skin infections and irritations. Some fail to understand that makeup expires, especially your MASCARA. Mascara is the fastest way to spread an eye infection and changing it regularly is crucial. Look at it this way. If you’ve had your mascara for more than 3-4 months, finished or not, IT’S GOTTA GO. Once your mascara drys up, it becomes clumpy or has a wierd odour to it, it becomes the breeding ground for bacteria. General eye makeup should be thrown out after 3-4 months. Liquid foundations and concealers should be thrown out after 7-12 months once you’ve opened them. Here is a quick cheat sheet I’ve made so you know the expiry on these products! (hope it helps)

3) Wash your makeup container/holder

If you hold your brushes or makeup palettes in any containers or holders, make sure to wash these. There is always bacteria lingering in these containers and because they hold your makeup, it is best to clean these out often as well.

4) DON’T BE A HOARDER – Throw out all the stuff you don’t use

I’m so guilty of this but honestly, you have to throw out all the stuff you don’t use. I tend to have this “I’ll use it later” thought process and end up keeping everything, only to realize I’ve never used it at all. Sighs. Just ask yourself, “When is the last time I’ve used this?” If you can’t answer this confidently, IT NEEDS TO BE TOSSED AWAY!

5) SAVE TIME – Separate all the products you use daily from the rest!

This can definitely cut your morning routine in half when you have all your basic necessities in one place. Products that you use regularly, keep them in a special place in your makeup drawer/shelf. This way it is within easy reach and you save your time in the morning or when getting ready in general.

How often do you clean out your makeup drawer? Any good tips? If you are throwing out your makeup, don’t be so sad! It is just another excuse for you to go buy more makeup! Have a Happy Saturday and a great weekend. 🙂



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