The weather here in Toronto is finally getting better although I am sick and it sucks that I can’t soak up all of that Vitamin D. My Saturday was super long and walking around in heels all day, well, let’s just say it was not much comfortable by the end of it. Yesterday’s OOTD, I picked up everything from the store EXPRESS in Fairview Mall. I don’t know if most of you shop there, BUT HONESTLY THE QUALITY SAYS IT IS ALL! I absolutely love their line and I always go back for more. 🙂

I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect flowy wide leg pants and I finally found them here! They have a whole bunch of colours so I know I’ll be going back for more! These pants are just so comfortable to wear and with pockets, I mean what more can you possibly want? Wide leg pants have a sophisticated and classy look to it and I absolutely love it! My coral top is from EXPRESS as well and I love everything about it. I was never fond of this colour, but once I tried it on, I loved how it looked on me. You can leave your top out when wearing it with the pants however, I like to do the “half tuck” so I was able to wear my pants as a high waist.

I paired this outfit with my heels that I bought from EXPRESS as well. Every girl needs a pair (or at least 2) of black heels in their closet! One thing I would change about this outfit is probably trim my pants because it was a little bit long on me, HOWEVER, I still LOVE IT! For the pants, I like to look at it as an INVESTMENT piece. It’s just one of those things that you have to have in your closet, especially those days I tend to have the “I don’t know what to wear” syndrome (although I have a closet filled with clothes).

It’s about to be 20 degrees in the afternoon here in Toronto, so I’m definitely going to go for a stroll after I finish work (working on the weekend sucks boo). Hope you all are having a great weekend. 🙂



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