For quite some time, I’ve had this obsession for liquid lipsticks, especially the MATTE FINISH. This was only because my bf introduced me to them and showed me how badass they were compared to regular lipsticks. I first started with the greatest of them all, the Kylie Kit, and then went my way down to the rest. This being the case, I can’t help but compare all of the others with the Kylie Kit.

When I came across the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain , I was hesitant at first. I wasn’t sure how this cream stain finish would look but the second I read MATTE in the description, I questioned “how bad could it really be?” So, I swatched a couple at SEPHORA and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT♥ TALK ABOUT A HIDDEN GEM!

These are the four lipsticks I bought (I love all four and trust me, I am hard to please haha):

24 Burnt Sienna
23 Copper Blush



There is no pretty box or cute packaging as most liquid lipsticks come in, but that’s fine with me. As long as it does its magic, I’m okay with it 🙂

They are super easy to apply and take off (I use baby wipes or makeup remover wipes). When applying, it goes on like a creamy effect and dries quick into a matte finish (definite winner for me). They are infused with avocado oil which makes it 10x more comfortable.


I love the smell of the lipstick. It has some sort of vanilla scent to it and it smells great. However, the smell does not last and tends to wear off a while after application.

40 Pink Tea


I personally think they are long-lasting. I work long hours so when I apply it around 8am, till the moment I finish at 7pm, they have not moved one bit. I usually have 2 coffees and a whole bunch of snacks in between. Avoid greasy food if you have to, but other than that, THEY LAST SO WELL! It’s safe to say, I can get about 9-10 hours of coverage before it’s time to touch up again. They don’t crack as most liquid lipsticks do and it’s just a beautiful creamy and everlasting formula overall.


Well, I know $18 CAN is not that cheap, but to me, IT IS, especially when I started off with the KYLIE KIT. However, there are expensive liquid lipsticks than these ones, and so I would deem it as affordable.

42 Rose Wood
Swatches(from top to Bottom):23, 24, 40, 42


To answer the final question, IS IT WORTH IT? HELL YA! If you are hypnotized into the KYLIE EFFECT, then this is the shxt girl,at a better price (flicks hair haha). It’s my new HOLY GRAIL LIQUID LIPSTICK, and I just want to own them all. It felt like an uncovered hidden treasure when I came across these. I personally think it’s one of the best and you can’t go wrong for the price you pay. I will definitely continue to buy more colours in this collection 🙂


Do you own any Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stains? Which is your favourite colour? Let us know what you think in the comments below 🙂











  1. The lipstick does look like its a great color on you. I never thought about thinking how lipstick smells. Then again I do think about that when wearing chapstick so I suppose that makes sense.

  2. Wow, the rose wood one is totally stunning, and I love that they’re so much cheaper than the Kylie Kit. There’s no way I’ll ever wear the Kylie’s because I don’t splurge that often on high end makeup, but I do have a couple of higher brand lippies and I always love them. I’ll be looking out for these – stains are my favorites!

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