My all-time favourite cultural earrings have always been jhumkas or as some people would say, jhumkis. Over time, I’ve seen and adored various kinds of stoneworked jhumkas. Lately, the new trend are the effortless, colourful THREAD JHUMKAS (silk thread, can you believe it?).

I first seen them in T-Nagar, Chennai (across from Pothys), at a small jewelry stand. This stand sold tons of these as well as the traditional stoned and temple jhumkas. The price I had to pay was just absolutely amazing that I wanted to take home 5 of each colour. I paid almost $3-4 CAN for each pair. I’ve seen stores in Toronto sell these beauties for triple the price (crazy right?!). Whenever I have family flying to India, other than the saree craze, these are top on the list now. My mother tells me all the time that they are “cheap” but hey, IT’S BEAUTIFUL and who cares♥

Honestly, they are my new all-time favourites that I pair them with all of our sarees. They compliment my sarees so well because they are beautiful and simple. These jhumkas are a classic and I don’t ever see it going out of style. Next time you hit up T-NAGAR, make sure you go to a jewelry stand before going into the big box stores. There are so many stands setup in front of these stores that you just cannot miss them! Check it out below how I’ve accessorized them with my sarees. LOVE IT♥



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